Assistive Technology Devices for The Home

Independence is important for many, however, as we reach our later years we become more dependent on our families, neighbours, friends and even care workers. Fortunately, living the 21st and with technological advancements in assistive technology – more people are capable of living a better life and claiming back a level of freedom.

Modern technology including: video monitoring, remote controls, radio control devices, infra-red devices and Bluetooth technology can have a dramatic impact on the ease of daily tasks – that abled bodied individuals take for granted.

The benefits of using Assistive Technology

  • Flexibility – there is a variety of assistive technology devices readily available that can complete numerous tasks including:
    • Lighting control
    • Opening blinds, doors, curtains and windows
    • Controlling the adjustment of beds
    • The availability to raise reclining chairs
    • Safety – ensuring that individuals are safe in their own home is a key priority. If an elderly person lives alone, it is imperative that help is available at a moment’s notice.
    • Convenience – life should not be a daily struggle, therefore, it is crucial that devices are set in place to make modern living as comfortable as possible.
    • Automation – if a patient is suffering from dementia, it is critical that certain automation procedures are in place such as: switching the lights off and ensuring that doors and windows are closed.
    • Enriching peoples life’s – assistive technology products are improving the quality of people’s life’s tremendously and also reducing emotions such as: frustration, anxiety, stress and depression.

Introducing the evoassist, the latest in assistive technology

The evoassist is a great example of an assistive technology device. The application is available on the Apple iPhone and Apple iPad. The evoassist application allows users to control a variety of household devices from one centralised location.

Some of the great features include:

  • Call for assistance – Ever stuck and require help? The Call for assistance feature will provide help straight away!
  • Control your environment – Operate curtains, the TV, sound system, doors and windows.
  • Make telephone calls – The evoassist allows you to make telephone calls easily.

For more information on how assistive technology can enrich the lives of the elderly and the disabled visit

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