Assistive Technologies reducing the barriers of communication

Basic communication skills are crucial for survival as human beings. One of the basic needs is connection with others. Unfortunately, impairments can lead to isolation in society. Impairments can provide the victim with frustration and depression; however, it is important for the individual to lead a fulfilling life.

It is vital to provide the individual with tools to become more self-sufficient and lead a normal life. Assistive technology is becoming increasingly popular, as it delivers help and support to a variety of people with varying degrees of impairment.

Why assistive technology is important?

We all need to technology in our lives, to make even the most demanding task easier. The majority of people use a mobile phone to communicate with others. Commuters may use a car to get to work and people use the Internet to find out information about various subjects.

Assistive technology is helping those that require assistance to the most basic tasks that able-bodied people take for granted.

Examples of Assistive Technology

Many people enjoy independence and the ability to do things on their own terms.  Thanks to remote control, technologies such as infrared, Bluetooth and wireless internet (Wi-Fi) new opportunities have made assistive technology what it is today.

Your living environment can be fully automated. Home control systems provide the best in assistive technologies. A variety of home-automated methods are available from touch screen and even eye control providing convenience and flexibility for the user.

For instance, an individual can use a mobile phone, iPhone, iPad, smart phone or a remote control to operate reclining chairs, doors, lights, lamps, windows, curtains, central heating, TV’s, DVD and many more appliances .

Assistive Technology enriching people’s lives

Numerous residential care homes use remote control applications, not only making life easier for the patient, but also allowing staff to spend more quality time with patients.  The purpose of this technology is to make life easier as possible. Regardless of the level of impairment, assistive technologies can make a huge difference.

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