Assistive Technology and its range of uses

Assistive technology products revolutionise people’s lives. People who lack the mobility to open doors or answer telephones benefit dramatically from communication products and home automation products.

One of the most interesting recent pieces of assistive technology is the EvoAssist 2.0. The EvoAssist transforms an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad into a universal environmental control device. It integrates with a variety of home automation systems allowing the user to control them remotely all from the comfort of their iDevice. For example when integrated with a video intercom, the EvoAssist can display an image of the caller and provide two-way speech all using the EvoAssist 2.0 app. Using this technology the EvoAssist 2.0 user can accurately and safely identify the caller, before deciding whether to let them into their home. Not only that but it allows control of the telephone, curtains, TV, home entertainment system, alarm call and lights.

Another incredible assistive technology device is the PCEye from Tobii. It works by converting eye movement into cursor movement on your computer screen, allowing users to control both mouse and keyboard input using only their eyes.

In this blog post so far we’ve only touched on a tiny amount of assistive technology products. There’s a vast range of Door Openers, Lock Release Systems, Specialised Intercoms, Bed and Chair Controls, Alarms and Pagers, Lightning and much more. Assistive technology is changing peoples lives on a daily basis, giving people with disabilities  that a real sense of freedom.

Is there a specific assistive technology product you’d like to see us focus on in the future? Let us know in the comments below!

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